North Tipperary County Council


Congar North Tipperary



CHM produced a Preliminary Stage Temporary Traffic Management Plan and associated Risk Assessment on behalf of the client North Tipperary County Council. This included the review of the current National road design and identifying the construction stage traffic management requirements to facilitate the works.

Key Features of CHM’s Services

The project includes the realignment of a 2.2km section of the N52 with a starting point of approximately 1.5km north of the village of Ardcroney and finishing up a further 2km further north.

The CHM role was to analyse the National Road design and develop a preliminary stage traffic management proposal which would accommodate the construction works whilst maintaining traffic flow throughout.

The advantage of this process was that it identified typical issues that would only be identified during the construction stage of a project. Issues such as: local access need, construction traffic routes, works passing, road closure and diversions were identified.