Life at CHM Group

We believe in bringing out the best in all our people, allowing them to realise their full potential. At CHM Group, we have a specialist Organisational Development team who aim to unlock and maximize our colleague’s potential by leading and co-ordinating learning and development strategies.


Why Choose CHM?

MARK CLINCH Assistant Contracts Manager

“My job challenges me in many ways, I like having control and the freedom to experiment, whilst the company supports my actions. Every day is different, challenging, and exciting, no two days are the same.”


Assistant Contracts Manager
We promote and encourage a culture of learning and development throughout the organisation by using an impressive range of policies and developmental initiatives to inspire fellow colleagues.
Leticia Carrasco Designer

“I get to interact with such a varied group of people, and it means I am always learning. I really appreciate the autonomy to be innovative, try new ideas and the fast-paced nature of the business.”

Leticia Carrasco

We have a huge range of jobs within our organisation and as such we ensure that approached development solutions at an individual, team and organisational level are designed and ensuring that individuals are supported in realising their personal goals.
MAZVYDAS CEPLIAUSKAS Assistant Logistics Manager

“Being a part of something larger makes a difference and I love that everyone cares and that you have flexibility when needed”


Assistant Logistics Manager

CHM Group is keen to employ the best people available. As leaders in our industry, we are committed to developing our employees, to improving our team and individual performance, and giving everyone the opportunity to achieve professional and personal growth.

If you feel you have the qualities to assist our growth please email your CV to




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