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For over 20 years, The CHM Group has been dedicated to providing a professional service that delivers value and peace of mind to our clients. We work together to consider all aspects of a client’s project to understand how we can enhance their operation.

To complement our diverse portfolio and support our client network, we have continued to develop additional services – aligned with our Traffic Management division – that can be incorporated into any of our fully flexible service offerings, or selected as a stand-alone service in order to streamline projects.

New to our list of integrated services is a versatile range of Pre – Formed rubber highway products that offer significant savings and minimum disruption wherever they are used. All of these products can be surface mounted or retrofitted into any existing situation.


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Traffic solutions pictures

HALO 360º Personal Safety & Task Light


  • Visible over 1/4 mile away in all directions
  • Fully Illuminates the task area out to the visual periphery 
  • Four light modes, Halo, HI-Alert, Task and Dim 
  • Lightweight and cord free
  • Connects securely to any hard hat

Traffic island 1

Traffic Islands

  • The D1 -2000S is the largest one piece rubber traffic Island in the world.
  • High-pressure moulded, solid rubber units.
  • Large sections maximise stability.
  • Highly reflective.
  • Traditional shape and colour, durable and flexes to camber.
  • Complete with standard fixing kit. Relocatable and adjustable fixings are available if required.
  • Use traffic islands to create chicanes and pinch points.
  • Traffic islands can accommodate a wide range of lighting columns, bollards and other street furniture.
  • All traffic islands are available with an optional paver design for urban and conservation areas.

Piece Traffic Island DI-2400S

2 Piece Traffic Island

Piece Traffic Island TI-2000

1 Piece Traffic Island

Piece Traffic Island DI-2000S

1 Piece Traffic Island

Piece Traffic Island DI-1200

1 Piece Traffic Island

Piece Traffic Island DI-1000

1 Piece Traffic Island

Piece Traffic Island DI-1500

2 Piece Traffic Island

Piece Traffic Island DI-1800

2 Piece Traffic Island

Piece Traffic Island DI-2000

2 Piece Traffic Island

Pedestrian Refuges

Pedestrian Refuges

  • NEW – Integral high reflectivity.
  • Only 1 or 2 large sections in each ‘D’ end.
  • Tough units flex to the camber.
  • Pedestrian refuges are supplied as a kit with stick down tactiles.
  • No excavation. Engineered to accommodate street furniture.
  • Complete with standard fixing kit. Relocatable and adjustable fixings are available, if required.
  • NEW – RI-2000S Refuge
  • Use our one piece island units to create a 2 metre wide pedestrian refuge, whilst minimising road length used.

Refuge Island RI-1000

Refuge Island

Refuge Island RI-1200 Refuge Island

Refuge Island RI-1500

Refuge Island

Refuge Island RI-1800

Refuge Island

Refuge Island RI-2000

Refuge Island

Refuge Island RI-2000S

Refuge Island

Heritage Island RI-2400S

Heritage Island

Stick Down Tactiles

Stick Down Tactiles

Lane Separators & Plinths

Lane Separators & Plinths

  • Standalone, broken and continuous configuration options.
  • Highly reflective.
  • NEW – Cast in cableway and drainage channels as standard.
  • 1 piece units
  • 1.5 metre long, 1 piece units incorporate
  • Integral reflectivity and drainage channels. Complete with standard fixing kit.
  • Relocatable and adjustable fixings are available if required.
  • A versatile range of lane separators that can be adapted to a wide variety of applications.
  • An optional paver design is available for urban and conservation areas.
  •  Ideal for use as a cycle lane separator.

Double Curve LS01

Double Curve

Single Curve LS02

Single Curve

Extension Piece LS03

Extension Piece

Surface Finish Options

Surface Finish

Cycle Lane DelineatorsCycle Lane Delineators

  • Create a fully segregated solution where the carriageway width is limited.
  • Absorbs energy from impacts.
  • Can accommodate curves and undulations.
  • Minimal disruption.
  • Highly reflective.
  • This range of cycle lane defenders are a kerb method of separation.
  • Can be used with Flex bollard as a parking bay fender.
  • A wide cycle lane defender (500mm) is available where space permits.

Slope - One End NCLD01

Slope – One

Slope - Both Ends NCLD02

Slope – Both Ends

Plain Centre Section NCLD03

Plain Centre Section

Speed Cushions:

Speed Cushions:

  • The only 1 piece rubber speed cushion manufactured in Europe.
  • Surface fixed, no need for excavation.
  • Black or red as standard.
  • Durable white directional arrows.
  • Complete with standard fixing kit. Relocatable and adjustable fixings are available if required.
  • No excavation.
  • Tough and flexible, they follow the road surface contour and incorporate a unique underside profile that moulds itself to the road surface without the need for excavation.
  • Efficient Installation methods result in minimal road disruption and significantly reduced installation costs.
  • Low maintenance – impact resistant, retains form.

One Piece Speed Cushions SP1

One Piece Speed Cushions

Two Piece Speed Cushions SP2

Two Piece Speed Cushions

Speed Humps; Raised Cushions:

Speed Humps; Raised Cushions:

  • Maximise pedestrian safety with a full size raised crossing that slows traffic effectively and incorporates durable, long lasting visual markings.
  • Surface fixed, no need for excavation.
  • Large durable rubber sections maximise stability.
  • Remove the cost and hassle of excavation. Our full carriageway width humps and crossings can be installed in less than a day.
  • Can be configured as tapered end humps, or kerb to kerb raised tables.
  • Durable white markings can be configured to produce a raised zebra crossing.
  • Complete with standard fixing kit
  • Significantly reduce the cost and disruption of constructing speed humps and raised crossings.

Piece Speed Hump

2 Piece Speed Hump

8 Piece Speed Hump

8 Piece Speed Hump

12 Piece Raised Zebra Crossing

12 Piece Raised Zebra Crossing

Flex Bollard - Engineered From Rubber

Flex Bollard – Engineered From Rubber

  • Fully flexible and impact friendly.
  • Solid rubber with no voids and no steel inserts.
  • Very strong and durable.
  • A sign face head option is available to apply graphics for keep left, cycle lanes etc.
  • In-ground or surface bolt fixed.
  • Will not crack or split. Recovers from repeated impacts.
  • Will withstand multiple impacts under typical road conditions.
  • The FLEX bollard is moulded to complement our full range of Cyle Lane Defenders and Lane Separators for fast and easy fixing.

Tactile Paving

Tactile Paving

  • Tactile pavers are an excellent, crack resistant alternative to concrete.
  • Manufactured from flexible quality rubber they are a low maintenance and long life product.
  • Our pavers won’t crack under pressure!
  • Laid exactly like the concrete alternatives, they are cut using standard electric cutting tools without the creation of dust.
  • Cracked concrete pavers are a thing of the past!

Stick Down Tactiles

Stick Down Tactiles

Off Highway Solutions:

Off Highway Solutions:

Our innovative surface mounted products are designed to be quickly and easily fixed to the road surface.
This minimises disruption and enables expensive excavation and construction costs to be eliminated, delivering a robust, high quality solution, at a significantly lower cost.


Low maintenance impact resistance alternative to Asphalt, ideal for use on retail distribution centres, factories , Hospitals and all logistic sites with high volume traffic.


Ideal for schools colleges and other sites with public pedestrian access. A kerb to kerb engineered rubber raised crossing creates a more visible crossing for pedestrians, without the need for significant excavation works.




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