Traffic Management Guidelines

Effective traffic management is essential to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. CHM Limited is a leading provider of traffic management services in Ireland, and they follow strict guidelines to ensure their operations meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Their guidelines cover a range of areas, including traffic flow planning, signage, and road markings, as well as the use of traffic calming measures and speed limits. CHM Limited also emphasizes the importance of regular training and certification for their staff, who are responsible for ensuring that all traffic management measures are implemented correctly. 

In addition to these guidelines, CHM Limited also works closely with local authorities, event organizers, and other stakeholders to tailor their services to specific needs and situations. This collaborative approach helps to ensure that their traffic management solutions are effective and sustainable, while also minimizing disruption to local communities and businesses.  

Overall, CHM Limited’s commitment to following best practices in traffic management makes them a trusted partner for any project or event that requires safe and efficient traffic flow.

Chapter 8 Traffic Management

Chapter 8 of CHM Ltd’s guide focuses on the critical role of safety markings and reflectors on vehicles operating in work zones. The chapter outlines the essential guidelines for selecting and placing appropriate safety markings and reflectors to ensure the visibility and safety of workers and motorists. Adhering to these guidelines can help prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities in work zones.

Our Traffic Management Services Include:

  • Multiphase Contraflow Systems
  • Tidal Contraflow Systems
  • Static Lane Closures
  • Impact Protection Vehicle Operations
  • Temporary Road Markings
  • Convoy Systems
  • Traffic Light Operations
  • Manual Stop/Go Systems
  • Road Closure/Diversions
  • C.A.D. Scheme Design and Consultancy
  • Temporary Traffic Sign Manufacture
  • Equipment Rental
  • Traffic Management Plans
  • TTOS – 24 Hour Service
  • Temporary Road Restraint System
  • Portable Variable Message Signs
  • 24 Hour On-site Management
  • Special Event Signage
  • Rapid Response Emergency Call Out
  • Hire of Traffic Lights



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