Road Safety Barrier

CHM has been at the forefront of Ireland’s evolution of temporary traffic management and motorway maintenance for the past 23 years, employing over 120 people at our headquarters in Dublin 24. Except  Traffic Management Solutions, VRS Installation and maintenance, White Lining, Motorway Maintenance, and Cycle Lane Delineators we also provide Road Safety Barrier services.

Due to the continuous triple reinforcement, our barriers offer an extraordinarily high degree of breach resistance even under the most difficult circumstances, and we accomplish a rapid and trouble-free installation because supplementary connectors are not required. All barriers are produced in rigorous factory production control, ensuring a high and consistent standard.

Our  Road Safety Barrier system may be erected on a range of surfaces, including compacted hardcore, asphalt, and concrete, without the requirement to anchor the system to the surface. The quick and easy installation makes all systems extremely cost-effective.

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Road Safety Barrier
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