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CHM has been at the forefront of Ireland’s evolution of temporary traffic management and motorway maintenance for the past 23 years, employing over 120 people at our headquarters in Dublin 24. Except  Traffic Management Solutions, VRS Installation and maintenance, White Lining, Motorway Maintenance, and Cycle Lane Delineators we also provide Road Safety Barrier services.

Due to the continuous triple reinforcement, our barriers offer an extraordinarily high degree of breach resistance even under the most difficult circumstances, and we accomplish a rapid and trouble-free installation because supplementary connectors are not required. All barriers are produced in rigorous factory production control, ensuring a high and consistent standard.

Our  Road Safety Barrier system may be erected on a range of surfaces, including compacted hardcore, asphalt, and concrete, without the requirement to anchor the system to the surface. The quick and easy installation makes all systems extremely cost-effective.

What is a safety barrier?

In the realm of safeguarding valuable assets like people, structures, machinery, and inventory, a safety barrier emerges as a stalwart defender. This fortified fence-like structure assumes the crucial role of shielding these vital entities from the undesirable consequences inflicted by the relentless motion of vehicles and other mobile objects. However, the utility of safety barriers transcends mere protection, as they also serve to delineate designated pathways and demarcate distinct streams of traffic. The interplay of form and function in safety barriers unveils a realm of comprehensive safety management.

The Components of Safety Barriers

While the landscape of safety barriers is punctuated by the diversity of manufacturers, the foundational elements remain fairly consistent:

1. The End Post: The sentinel that anchors the barrier’s extremities.
2. The Mid Post: A steadfast intermediary that reinforces the structure’s stability.
3. The Rail: The backbone of the barrier, providing the framework for resilience.

Charting the Terrain: Applications of Safety Barriers

Safety barriers have cast their protective embrace across an expansive spectrum of industries and sectors, etching their significance into diverse workspaces. Their ubiquity is particularly notable in bustling industrial complexes, where the choreography of site vehicles is a constant dance. These include:

– Factories pulsating with production.
– Warehouses housing intricate inventories.
– Distribution centers orchestrating seamless logistics.
– Airports bustling with transit activities.
– Car parks accommodating vehicular ensembles.

What types of safety barriers are there?

The taxonomy of safety barriers unfurls an array of distinct categories:

1. Traffic Barriers: Versatile chameleons that demarcate vehicular lanes, sculpting clear trajectories for traffic flow. From transient portable barricades to steadfast fixed structures, their dominion extends both within enclosed domains and along open thoroughfares.

2. Crash Barriers: The mention of these guardians often conjures images of steadfast sentinels flanking motorways and bustling roads. Forging their presence from stainless steel or other formidable metals, these stalwarts traverse long stretches, offering unwavering defense against wayward vehicles.

3. Pedestrian Barriers: Akin to orchestrators of human movement, these barriers delineate pathways through bustling locales where vehicular currents surge. Beyond their protective function, they extend a reassuring handrail, underscoring their commitment to pedestrian well-being.

4. Guardrails: A symphony of terminology converges here, as guardrails harmonize with the essence of safety barriers. While predominantly resonating in the American lexicon, guardrails seamlessly meld with the pantheon of protective barriers.

What is the difference between concrete, steel and plastic safety barriers?

The artisans behind safety barriers wield a palette of materials, each lending its distinct character to the safeguarding narrative:

– Concrete: Serving as a steadfast bulwark, concrete barriers secure their realm through strategic placements. Occasionally cast in situ, their affiliation with cement anchors them to the ground. Some sport a reinforcement of steel or metal, amplifying their capacity to withstand the impact of collisions.

-Steel: Galvanized steel stands as the embodiment of resilience, especially adorning roadsides. This stalwart material dons the mantle of elongated barriers, orchestrating an eloquent separation of vehicular currents and offering formidable defense against vehicular tides surging from various directions.

– Plastic and Polymer: The evolution of safety barriers introduces us to plastic, often hailed as ‘polymer safety barriers’. A dichotomy emerges between transient forms, catering to ephemeral protection needs, and robust incarnations primed for prolonged industrial guardianship. These polymer sentinels expertly absorb impacts, gracefully rebounding to their original forms, ready for the next safeguarding act.

The Evolution of Road Safety Barrier Services

Over the years, CHM Ltd has been at the forefront of Ireland’s evolution in temporary traffic management and motorway maintenance. From Traffic Management Solutions and VRS Installation and Maintenance to White Lining, Motorway Maintenance, and Cycle Lane Delineators, CHM Ltd’s expertise extends to all aspects of road safety infrastructure. A significant addition to their services is the Road Safety Barrier, a crucial element in safeguarding lives and preventing accidents on the road.

Versatile Application on Various Surfaces

One of the standout features of CHM Ltd’s Road Safety Barrier system is its versatility. These chapter 8 traffic barriers can be erected on a range of surfaces, including compacted hardcore, asphalt, and concrete. Importantly, they do not need to be anchored to the surface, further streamlining the installation process. This flexibility in application ensures that the barriers can be deployed in diverse traffic scenarios without compromising safety.

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