Over 3000 Symbols, Signs & Schematics

Created by top traffic engineers and software experts, CONE 9 is recognised as the first choice CAD software tool for traffic management. CONE can create standards-based, site-specific, schematic diagrams or scale plan drawings in minutes, and is an essential tool for any Traffic Management professional.

CHM are the sole distributors of CONE software in Ireland.
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Cone 9 Product Features

  • Contains all signage as specified by the new Chapter 8 sign manual.
  • Has a library of over 1700 individual schematic layouts for road level 1-6 such as Stop/Go or traffic lights on 50km/h roads.
  • Contains a database of pre-prepared road layouts, junctions, traffic management equipment such cones, signs, barriers, traffic lights, etc.
  • Has the compatibility and flexibility to be able to incorporate OS Tiles, scanned images, aerial photographs, and other CAD drawings.
  • CONE mapping tools that enables the designer, with just a few clicks, to select a Traffic Management
  • System based on road speed limit (such as Priority, Stop/Go, portable traffic lights etc.).