Fingal Co. Co. identified an area of road in the village of Hollystown, Dublin 15 that required traffic calming measures to be introduced to the high volume, and excessive approach speed of traffic. A number of new housing estates have been and continue to be built along this section of road, and a need was identified to ensure that motorists could access / egress safely to / from these estates.

The traffic calming measures carried out by CHM Group complemented those put in place by the local authority (Gateway signage, street lighting, enhanced roadmarkings).

Key features of CHM’s service

Speed Cushion Installation

  • 8No. sets of speed cushions were installed over a section of road approximately 1.1km long within a speed limit zone of 50km/h, in order to compel motorists to adhere to the posted limit.
  • The installation of the speed cushions necessitated the design and implementation of a Traffic Management Plan to enable the speed cushions to be safely installed. This is a particularly good example of two facets of our diverse portfolio of operations complementing each other, as the entire project was managed in-house.
  • This involved a Site Survey being carried out to determine the parameters to be taken account of in developing the TMP.
  • It further enabled our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for speed cushion installation to be developed into a project specific Method Statement taking account of the unique characteristics of the site.
  • The TMP was installed prior to the installation crew mobilising their plant and equipment.
  • The TMP took the form a signal controlled shuttle system, in order to allow our works vehicle to occupy a traffic lane.
  • The position of the speed cushions was designated by the Local Authority Engineer.
  • The position of the cushions was set out on the road and the adhesive was mixed and applied to the road.
  • The cushion was lifted into position using a lorry mounted crane.
  • Fixing holes were drilled and prepared for the fixings subsequent to which the fixings were installed.