Cycle Lane Delineators

Cycle lane delineators provide cyclists with maximum on-road protection by clearly separating the cycle lane from the road. Visible in all conditions, due to their Retroreflective glass eyes, cycle lane delineators are a highly effective deterrence, preventing cars from inadvertently entering the cycle lane. Not only does its 3D sloped design minimize the damage caused in the event of a collision by acting as a barrier between the cyclist and the car, it also reduces the chance of injury if the cyclist were to accidentally mount it. Their low profile edge is also deemed as a reduced trip hazard to pedestrians acting as a safer alternative to curbs and other cycle lane delineation techniques.

cycle lane

Not only did Ireland see a significant rise in the number of cyclists on the roads in 2020 due to the pandemic, it also saw the highest rise of cycling fatalities in the entire EU. Although this figure has dropped slightly since many popular cycle routes are still deemed unsafe and the latest Road Safety Authority survey found that 20% of hospital admissions for serious injury were due to roadside bike accidents. Despite this, the universally recognized environmental benefits of cycling have resulted in the Irish government advocating the transport mode as part of their plan to reduce 52% of greenhouse emissions by 2030. To reduce roadside accidents and encourage more cyclists on the road, it is essential that safe cycle routes are introduced throughout Ireland alongside this plan. If successful, there are many benefits to having an increased number of cyclists on the road. These include:


  • Reduced road traffic 
  • Reduced air pollution
  • Reduced noise pollution 
  • Positive environmental impact 
  • Protection of green spaces

Cycle lane delineators provide the perfect solution in both accident prevention and encouraging new cyclists to the roads. Here at CHM Group, we offer an installation service, which significantly increases roadside safety for cyclists in a matter of days. 


  • Retroreflective glass eyes 
  • Visible in all conditions
  • Easy installation (no excavation required)
  • Able to accommodate undulations and curves
  • Able to be used alongside a Flex bollard as a parking bay defender
  • Absorbs energy from impact
  • Weatherproof and durable 

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