Cycle Lane Delineators

Cycle Lane Delineators

Cycle Lane Delineators Cycle lane delineators provide cyclists with the maximum on-road protection by clearly separating the cycle lane from the road. Visible in all conditions, due to their Retroreflective glass eyes, cycle lane delineators are a highly effective deterrence, preventing cars from inadvertently entering the cycle lane. Not only does its 3D sloped design […]



WHAT IS SMART TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT Traffic congestion is a major problem in most cities due to increased population and vehicle usage resulting in roads quickly becoming incapable of managing the traffic. Advanced traffic management systems, or SMART traffic management systems, are now being developed to ameliorate the safety and efficiency of transportation infrastructure. Traffic congestion […]

What are the different types of Traffic management?​


Road Management What are the different types of Traffic management? Traffic management is classified in a number of different ways. Firstly, it is important to know which of the following groups the works come under? Static operations Mobile operations There are three main types of static works which are assigned letters. Type A – are […]

What Is a Traffic Management plan?


WHAT IS A TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT PLAN? Traffic Management is the term used to describe the management of an existing road network and its users to maximise safety, performance, and dependability. The Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is a comprehensive set documents analysing all associated elements and risks that may affect the works and is not to […]