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Balbriggan Enterprise and Training Centre is located in Stephenstown Industrial Estate, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin. We were asked to propose traffic calming measures (detailed below) in order to reduce the speed with which motorists were travelling, and to provide pedestrian facilities by way of a designated pedestrian crossing.

Key features of CHM’s integrated solutions service:


  • Burned off the existing 10km/h symbols and replace these with 20km/h symbols
  • Refreshed the existing Disabled symbols which had become worn
  • Refreshed the existing yellow box hatching which had become worn
  • Provided a painted pedestrian crossing to create a designated crossing point for pedestrians
  • Additional spaces were required to be provided for the Fire Station
  • A number of existing spaces were re-designated from BEaT to the Fire Station also – this required burning text from the existing spaces and painting new text within a red box to create a visual difference from other spaces.
  • We refreshed the “ NO ENTRY” markings to reinforce the one – way system, as they had become worn.

Installation of Ramp

  • 3No. ramps were installed to reduce the speed of entry to the carpark as a safety audit had identified a risk to pedestrians due to a lack of speed calming measures in place.
  • It was not possible to continue the ramps past the FIRE Station due to the need for a quick exit for the Fire Tender.

Installation of Signage

  • New signage was required to complement the traffic calming measures (Ramp signs)
  • New signage was required to complement the introduction of pedestrian facilities (pedestrian crossing sign)
  • New signage was required to replace the existing 10km/h speed limit with 20km/h signs
  • New prominent “Gateway” style signage was required to reinforce the one way system and speed limit, and replace the existing individual less prominent signs.
  • New “NO ENTRY” signs were installed to complement the “NO ENTRY” markings

Signage, Ramp Installation & Linemarking

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Balbriggan Enterprise Training Centre
Balbriggan Enterprise Training Centre
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