Wanderer’s FC Rugby Club







This project provides an excellent example of the services provided by the Integrated Solutions sector of CHM Group, showcasing in particular the one-stop shop offering of the company.

The project enabled CHM Group to bring together a number of different elements for the benefit of our Client as follows:

  • Removal of existing speed bumps which had reached the end of their lifespan
  • Installation of replacement speed bumps
  • Reinstatement of surface where speed bumps were removed
  • Line painting: Refresh existing markings and number all car park spaces, mark a disabled parking space, and provide additional car park spaces
  • Carry out surface remediation (patching) to areas where the existing surface had started failing. This required identifying and marking those areas, saw cut, and breakout defective material, reinstatement, compaction, and sealing of patches
  • Installation of service duct c/w draw rope across the main avenue, requiring excavation of a shallow trench, placement of duct, concrete surround, backfill & compact, reinstatement of macadam surface
  • This project required allowed CHM to draw upon the wide ranging skill set of our Operatives to deliver upon the Clients brief and provided the Client with a singular point of contact throughout.